Salut, I’m Claire Sumners, and this is my little space on the internet. Who is Zero Waste Maman? I’m a self taught environmental campaigner and zero waste living advocate who loves the planet, respects the oceans and won’t stand by to see either harmed any further. My focus is to inspire, educate and motivate everyone to do as much as they can to reduce their plastic and waste footprint. With tips, swaps and step by step guides, I want to use this space to make the transition to zero waste easy and save you money.

The content I write for this website is all from the heart and I really hope it helps you. There is actually SO MUCH free content out in the ether. There wasn’t when I first started which actually was good for me as I only had one or two places to help me on my way, so if you’ve found this site I’m ever so happy!

Oh and why am I a ‘maman’ ? well I was brought up in Paris and loving how the french live is very much part of my life raison d’être!