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Be inspired to make Plastic Free July 2020 your big change breakthrough

I’ll cut to the chase. Covid-19 has brought single-use back to life with a vengeance, so how can you carry on being socially responsible for your family and community?

Take the steps to create less waste but don’t put pressure on yourself! Use Plastic Free July as your starting block. There is one key area you need to look at:

  1. What you throw away at home

What you throw away plastic wise is what you need to work on so take a good look it as that will have a domino affect on what you buy from the supermarket. It’s basically a circular economy and once you start using that kind of thought process you see things differently and changes are easier to make!

For me it was a case of food. The item we spend most money on. What could I buy in bulk? what could I refill? what could I make from scratch? Was a delivery of produce better on my purse than going to the farm shop?

I realise I am lucky. Or at least I was in the position to think about these areas (more about how Covid-19 effected our family finances on another post) because I realise it is a pretty middle class issue but it still boils down to choice. We can choose to carry on buying consumables wrapped in plastic or we can choose not to.

I didn’t do all of this straight away – you wouldn’t expect to learn a new language overnight so don’t expect your consumer habits to change that way!

Whether you try for a day, a week or the whole month, please try. On each day you choose to buy single-use disposable plastic over the reuse/refill/refuse rule keep what you would have thrown away.  You will be staggered over the course of a week how much plastic you consume – literally.

Don’t be fooled in thinking disposable plastics that you bin don’t exist, every single piece of plastic ever made still exists!  And now it has been proven that micro plastics are in supermarket bought fruit and vegetables as well as fish, we are literally consuming plastic.

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