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Whatever you call it, (T.O.M , Riding the Crimson Wave, The Blob) as a female, we know we’ll be having periods for 30+ years. 30 YEARS!! That is a hell of a lot of single use menstrual products, in fact according to @citytosea_ “every single day in the UK about 700,000 panty liners, 2.5 million tampons and 1.4 million pads are flushed down the toilet – many of which block our sewer systems and escape into our rivers and seas… Flushed plastics make up around 6.2% of beach litter in the UK.”

What is one the most simple, money saving swaps you can make in the fight against single use plastics? Reusable Period Products!

I personally don’t get on with the Mooncup, so it was with glee that I found the period pants from CheekyWipes. They are great quality, and come in Pretty, Sporty and Sassy. I’ve got all three and can vouch the pretty ones make ‘that time of the month’ more bearable and less frumpy and bloated.

I was really chuffed to be asked to join Cheeky Wipes for a photo shoot last week! Check out at how happy these ladies look in their new period pants!

Period pants are a saviour and if you have a heavy period, I’d recommend using a reusable pad first then just the knickers. Cheeky Wipes also sell these and work really well.

If you are out and about, as with all reusable products, you need to be more organised, as you can’t currently pop to a shop to buy more as you would to a pharmacy for tampons. I take a discrete little bag with me to put my used pants and liners in so there’s no drama of them falling out of my bag and getting stares!

Tempted to make the swap? You can use the code: zerowastemaman to get 20% off your order at ….. Awesome stuff ladies!!

ZWM xxx

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