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Salut!  I’m Claire, mother of two and this is my little space on the internet.  

I’m a self taught environmental campaigner and zero waste living advocate who loves the planet, respects the oceans and won’t stand by to see either harmed any further.  I volunteer with Surfers Against Sewage as one of their South East Regional Reps, since 2016…the year I changed how I viewed pollution, oh and the year I gave birth to my daughter – defo a massive life changer!

Two things happened in 2016 – an article featuring ‘Zero Waste Home’ by Bea Johnson which I read and was spurred on by inspiration and a dash of courage to make serious waves to living a zero waste lifestyle, and a move to life in Cornwall 3 weeks after giving brith to Matilda.  Fate they both changed my mindset? yes! They both inked up with how I treated my consumer habits – throwaway has to go somewhere, right? 

In 2017 I started running beach cleans and founded a campaign called ‘Plastic Free Seaford’, part of a Surfers Against Sewage national campaign to support towns and communities to ditch single use, something I had now done in my own life.  Your environment absolutely determines how you live so being a role model is easy when it’s my happy choice.

In my heart I am a free spirit, so whilst that isn’t the life I am living right now (I’d love to be off with only a backpack), my spirit comes out in campaigning for the oceans through my focus to inspire, educate and motivate everyone I meet and spend time with, to do as much as they can to reduce their plastic and waste footprint.

What I want to do in an ideal world is chronicle how my two little musketeers help me promote activism, to help the planet they will inherit  – I’m crap at blogging really, especially now.  I know that social media, picture taking and spending hours in front of the screen doesn’t not make me a particularly good mother and to find the balance to be creative and write about the legacy of activism for them is hard work – especially now as I am literally the zero hours to herself maman!  Oh and why am I a ‘maman’ ? well I was brought up in Paris and loving how the french live is very much part of my raison d’être.  

Get in touch if you want your business to cut out the waste as I can help with my audit system that is tailored to your business and where you have most concerns.

I am always happy to be contacted for PR! I love to give workshops, collaborative panel lectures, getting the message out there is where I am my most comfortable, hope to hear from you.


Email: zerowastemaman@gmail.com

Tel: 07734 617296

Facebook: @quinoamaman

Instagram: @zero_waste_maman