Festival vibes, Clean wellies and sustainable attitude.

I’ve just been to a Festival! The vibe was great, the people fabulous, and I didn’t have to queue for the loo!

I was fortunate to have been asked by Jen Gale to be part of a panel discussion for her pop-up Festival Sustainable(ish) Online. If you don’t know who Jen is, she created an online community on Facebook helping everyone who follows her and reads the brilliant advice on her website on how to be Sustainable(ish).

She like me, thinks it is far more encouraging to have a go and try all things imperfectly rather than try to achieve perfection when it comes to changing lifelong habits in a bid to help our beautiful planet and oceans.

When I started changing shopping habits I didn’t do it all in one go! no way that would have been a massive task that would probably have put me off trying any further! Instead I did little bits here there and everywhere until I got my groove.

The Festival is on Crowdcast for the rest of this week and I would definitely log in to listen and watch the brilliant lineup. Link below:

photo credit Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

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