The bathroom is the worst offender for single use plastic and plastic bottles in your entire house; think of all the hair products, bubble bath, face creams, masks, cotton buds, toilet cleaner, face cream, body cream lurking in yours right now!

I counted 17 bottled products just for me, then add the childrens products and my husbands we had over 35 single use bottles in the bathroom before I began my plastic free journey!

I have made it super easy to make the change from plastic items to refills or even completely plastic free with these top swaps

Shampoo & Conditioner

I loved this swap the most as it was a real challenge. Showering and bathing are my real luxuries as a mama so I still wanted to feel the same without my expensive products. I didn’t get on with shampoo bars but I know friends who swear by them – its all about personal choice.

I chose to use refill bottles by Faith in Nature, these are stocked at my local health food shop and all smell divine! They do shampoo, conditioners and body washes. Their ingredients are free from nasty chemicals and are safe for the environment. You simply rinse out your bottle once you have finished it, pop down to your local refill station and refill! The same bottle should last you years!

One of my favourite tips is to use cider vinegar in my hair, it gives it amazing shine . I found the idea in an original Vogue Beauty Bible book! Whats amazing is all the products they recommend are all made from natural ingredients! Rosemary essential oil is also wonderful for hair strength, simply mix a few drops with your shampoo bar foam or your refill shampoo!


Millions of razors are thrown away each year in the UK with over 2 billion thrown away in the US each year alone!

Swapping to a safety razor means you only ever throw away the cartridge replacements which is a massive planet saver.

Menstrual Products

Plastic Free Periods are becoming easier to achieve with an incredible influx of alternatives available to us.

Washable Sanitary Towels and Period Pants are a brilliant alternative – check out Cheeky Wipes for a fantastic range.

Moon Cups are also a really amazing choice – these silicone cups fit inside your vagina and collect the blood. It can take a little getting used to, and a few attempts to perfect the removal technique! use a moon cup or period pants.