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Home Made Advent Calendar

I have some top green Christmas tips to share this festive season to help you achieve a plastic free day!

The most magical and important part of Christmas for me, is not the gifts it’s the Advent Candle and Advent Calendar. They are both steeped in family tradition for me, and make the build up to Christmas so magical! The Advent candle is these days often considered an old fashioned thing, but I simply love it.

Advent Candle
I’ll be getting mine on Etsy, this is a sure way to know that it wont be shipped wrapped in plastic even if it isn’t made from Soy Wax. This is a lovely way to take a moment each day in the lead up to the big day, watch the fire burn and enjoy the eager anticipation of the whole family!

Advent Calendar
My Advent Calendar is over 35 years old, was made by my now deceased Mama and still looks fabulous! If you have the time to make one this year you should, it’s certainly worth a try!

I adore mine, it was made for me with love and I will hand it down to my children. Instead of another throw away chocolate calendar this year why not try something which becomes a family treasure and comes out every year! It’s lovely being able to make the gifts personal for the kids too!

How to make an Advent Calendar like mine!

Cardboard sheet & Backing fabric
24 match boxes
Needle and thread & beads for the handles
Glue (PVA works well)
Some decorative ribbon for the loop to hang it up

Simply glue the fabric over the cardboard backing, bringing the edges round to the back to give it a tidy finish. While that is setting begin covering the outside of your matchboxes with fabric or felt. Before you line the inside of the boxes sew on a small bead either end for the handles, then line with material.

Cut out small patterns and shapes to decorate your boxes with and apply these. With any left over felt you can make angels or other motifs to use to decorate your Christmas presents or if you add a loop of cotton, the can become a Christmas tree decoration or gift to be used at a place setting.

Once your matchboxes have dried stick them onto the backing board and there you have it, an advent calendar to make your own every year and pass down through the generations.

Have a go! and please do send me photos of your homemade creations!


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