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How to stay sane during Coronavirus

How are you all doing?  The Covid-19 pandemic is without doubt one of the most worrying times in parenthood, the anxiety of the unknown, when lockdown was announced I cried with worry.  
The reassessment of everything we take for granted, popping to the shops for our groceries, taking our kids to school, meeting friends but it’s also a positive learning curve.  My little lot have been at home for a week now and it’s definitely got it’s ups and downs but so far so good!
I was so worried that my two would be bored and the thought of homeschooling filled me with terror…It needn’t have done
There is SO MUCH out on the social platforms to help all of us, to help us feel part of communities, to help us fill our days so here is a little collection of what I’ve found useful and positive…
  1. Who hasn’t been joining in with Joe Wicks PE Lessons!  It’s been a lovely way to start the day, more so for me than my two who get bored! and it’s been a stable routine for our weekdays and a chance for me to get fit. 
  2. Live streaming is now high on the list for parents with Zoo’s, galleries, museums all live streaming so children can learn.  Chester Zoo for one has a section of resources my fav is about the Red Panda now at the top spot with a pangolin as my fav animal! Wild Planet Trusts has a live Penguin Cam.  
  3. We are lucky enough to have a garden so we have been doing all the jobs that never seem to get done, watching the garden change into Springtime.  The RSPB Wild Challenge is something we are taking part in, but why not just go outside and listen to the birds?  I have every morning and I’ve felt myself drift into every new day rather than start it with a cup of coffee.
  4. Schools are definitely out for summer so if you, like me felt a pang of WAAA!! how do I teach when I’m a mama!!  don’t fret, there are a few Instagram & Facebook accounts that I’ve found brilliant; great ideas from Primary Mum same from Five Minute Mum
  5. Chill! It’s taken me a few days to really bed into this as I’ve put so much pressure on myself to be a homeschooler but I realise now, 1-2 hours a day of sit down work is all I want to do so that’s all I’m going to do!  If you’re stuck for resources then Twinkl is the one Jacks teacher has recommended.

Stay calm folks. It’s a tricky time but we are in it together.


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