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Love Food Hate Waste

Love food hate waste? I do! I am often asked how I plan our family meals to reduce the waste we create. Planning really is key to making clearer choices over what you buy and I think it’s pretty healthy way to eat a varied diet that’s also tasty!

  • Plan two weeks worth of meals
  • Batch cook – if I’m making Dahl I’ll double it up so I have one in the freezer
  • Limit eating meat or better still, cut it out completely
  • Until now I always composted the heads of peppers, carrots etc, but no more! Since watching a @maxlamanna story I won’t be wasting them anymore! I’ll make my own vegetable stock and vegetable broth for noodles!
  • I eat legumes like lentils, chickpeas every week as it’s tasty and fills a soup out
  • Make your own! Homemade is just the best – use my recipes for easy pizza dough and flatbreads – they save money and your figure as there’s no processed parts to them – nice!
  • Buy frozen and tinned food. I buy chickpeas, kidney beans, in tins as it saves time soaking them the night before, I also save the water from the tin and make meringues. There’s no where locally to buy frozen fruit for me not packaged in plastic, but if you have access its a great solution.
  • Any fruit or vegetables going off? Make a fruit compote with a little sugar and cinnamon to have as a pudding. With the veggies, fry them up with garlic, whizz them in a liquidiser and freeze.
  • Some people chuck away the ends of loaves of bread. I make breadcrumbs with them, pop them in the freezer then sprinkle on top of macaroni cheese or vegetable bake
  • Use all the broccoli! The stem is totally delicious roasted
  • Eat seasonally and choose local produce – you can taste the difference
  • Get food for free! By downloading @olio_ex App

Waste not want not goes for everything in my household. Planning means I’m not panicking what to cook and most important I’m not bored cooking it all.

Let me know how you get on!

ZWM xx

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