Audits & Education

I am passionate about working with businesses and my local community on ways in which they can reduce their waste and plastic footprint.

Making changes to reduce waste can feel overwhelming and very confusing to start with, but with my help and guidance I can take all the stress out of the equation and make going plastic free a liberating experience for your business and employees.

I have developed a unique framework for businesses and organisations which educates and supports you through the changes needed to bring down waste costs for your company and the planet.

An audit of your company will involve me visiting your premises and seeing what happens on a day to day basis. Based on my investigation you will receive a report which will highlight the areas change can be made in, and tips on how to do that! After 6 months I will revisit and help you develop further or find solutions if you are finding areas of waste reduction difficult.

I will also come and do a talk for you and your staff to make sure that every one understands why these changes are happening and how easy they can be to implement with my support and the full co-operation of your whole team.

A full audit and talk starts from £200 depending on the size of your business and premises.

To discuss an audit please do call me on 07734 617296 or email

Come on board, lets go!!